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Koyasan Choishimichi

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Koyasan Choishimichi is an official path of 22 km long from Jisonin temple of Kudoyama Town to Koyasan.

Choishi means pillars standing at a certain distance, people in ancient times walked along the path while worshiping.

It is now a 7 hour long walking trail.

The view of the big river, an orchard, grove of miscellaneous tree and cedars and tea houses

can make tourists feel the quiet Japanese country, which is worth recommending.

A three-hour short trail is also available, which is suitable for those who cannot take 7 hours.

Access and Getting Around

7-hour trail

Osaka/ Namba Station―1 hour 15 minutes by the Nankai Line with 1 train per hour―

Kudoyama Station→20 minutes→Jison-in→Yatate→Konpon Daito→Koyasan Station.

3-hour trail

Osaka/Namba Station―1 hour 20 minutes by the Nankai Line 1 train per hour―

Kii-hosokawa Station→Yatate→Konpon Daito→Koyasan Station.


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