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Kitsuki Samurai Residences

  • Historic Sites

Samurai houses on the north and south plateau respectively,

business shops in the valley between two plateaus forms the whole town.

On the north plateau, there are Ohara Residence, Noumi Residence, Isoya Residence, Sano Residence and so on

whose beautiful stone street makes a wonderful scene.

Tourists can have a visit to main houses by buying a common admission ticket.

They are worth visiting one time. On the south plateau, there is Nakane Residence,

whose tea house is worth seeing.

The best part is Hitomatsu Residence which overwhelms others.

It is an absolutely needed place to see the wonderful view of Kitsuki Town and the sea.

The three-dimensional model of the castle town of Kitsuki and the court-cow-carriage crest for the festival

are displayed at the Castle Town Museum in the neighborhood and are very interesting.

Access and Getting Around

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KYUSHU    [ Kitsuki ]

-Historic Sites 

In theCommercial District between the two plateaus,Ayabe Miso or bean paste shop is the symbolic building.In the downtow...

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KYUSHU    [ Kitsuki ]

-Historic Sites  -Recreational Facilities 

Kitsuki-shurakukan was a popular playground in the Edo period and was once closed for a periodbut has now been recovered...

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 Kimono Experience

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Kitsuki City matches Kimono. Warakuan next to the Kitsuki Shurakukan rents kimonos,so it may be a good experience to hav...

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 Kitsuki Castle

KYUSHU    [ Kitsuki ]

-Historic Sites 

Kitsuki Castle was rebuilt and in it there is a museumwhere the precious armorsors words of the military commander are d...

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 Kitsuki Castle Festival

KYUSHU    [ Kitsuki ]


Kitsuki Castle Festival is held at the beging of  May , the civilians wear costumes of the Edo period,a march and show p...

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 Yamaga Green Tourism

KYUSHU    [ Kitsuki ]


Yamaga is a mountainous area located in the northwest of Kitsuki City of the Kunisaki Peninsula.Yamaga area provides pri...

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