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Kamakura Snow Festival

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Kamakura Snow Festival is a traditional winter event in the snowy area of Tohoku and Niigata.

Kamakura is a custom that people set up an altar in the “house”(snow cave) made of snow and worship the God of water,

and the Kamakura of Yokote is the representative one among them which has continued for 400 years.

Children are in the snow cave where candles are lighted and entertain visitors with liquors and rice cakes.

It is a time to know about the custom of winter festival in Japan. It is a very heartwarming wonderful custom.

Such facilities are set up in the parks and streets of the city. It is held February 15, 16 every year.

Nearly in the meantime of February 16, 17, Bonten Festival is held.

It is a traditional act of God of this area with the Brahma the Creator,

It is a heroic festival that men a stick with a bamboo basket hung on its tip

and decorated with colorful cloths on their shoulders and parade around the town while shouting.



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 Kamakura Kan Museum

TOHOKU    [ Yokote ]


It is a facility with a gallery where visitors can sense the traditional event "Kamakura" of Yokote throughout the year....

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