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Resort Shiragami Train

  • Recreational Facilities

It is a resort train from which the beautiful scene of the Sea of Japan can be seen,

stopping at Juniko Station on the day.

Seeing the scene of the Sea of Japan is attractive for the tourists.

All the seats in the train are reserved seats, so tourists have to buy a ticket in advance.

Tickets are sold at JR Midori no Madoguchi ticket office (JR Green Windows).

The JR Gono Line is highly recommended.


Access and Getting Around

4 hours 30 minutes from Akita to Hirosaki with 3 trains per day.

5 hours from Akita to Aomori with 2 trains per day.

リゾート白神五能線大間越EPSON DSC picture


 Lake Juniko

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 Anmon Waterfall

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 Forest trail of Shiragami

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