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Ebino-kogen Hiking

  • Outdoor Activities

There are various walking trails on the Highlands, and it is one of them.

All the ponds including this walking trail are crater lakes which can be enjoyed only in Japan.

Because the trail is flat and is not long, it is suggested that climbers walk by all means.

Those who want to walk more may climb Mt. Karakunidake.



Access and Getting Around

Eco Museum Center⇒Two-lake Panoramic Observatory⇔Byakushiike⇒Rokkannonmiike

⇒Fudo-ike⇒Eco Museum Center, 4.3 km around, for about two hours.

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 Ebino Eco Museum Center

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Outdoor Activities  -Recreational Facilities 

It is a visitor center of Ebino and Kirishima, of 1200 meters above sea leveland a mountain climbing base for a scenic-v...

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 Mount Karakunidake

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Mountain View 

It is the highest mountaintop above 1700 meters sea level among the Kirishima Mountainsand there is a big crater, when r...

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 Onamiike Hiking

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Outdoor Activities 

It is the highest crate lake in Japan, located in the southeast of Mt. Karakunidake.The diameter of the surface of the l...

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 Shiratori Onsen- Ueyu

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

It is a municipal sanitarium in the middle of Ebino City and Ebino Highlands.The characteristic here is its steam baths,...

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 Kirishima Shrine

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]


It is an ancient shrine built in the 6th century to worship Ninigi-no- Mikoto who was said to found Japan in the myths,t...

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KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Historic Sites  -Mountain View 

The summit of Mount Takachihomine isthe legend site in the creation mythology of Japan.Ninigino- Mikoto is said to creat...

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 JR Hisatsu Line

KYUSHU    [ Ebino/Kirishima-kogen ]

-Recreational Facilities 

It is a JR line between Yatsushiro City of Kumamoto Prefectureand JR Hayato Station in Kirishima City of Kagoshima Prefe...

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