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Daisetsu-kogen Onsen

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The autumn colors are now at their best.

Daisetsu-kogen Onsen is located in the east of the Daisetsu area, the highest hot spring bath in Hokkaido,

at 1,260m above sea level.

A hiking trail around some of marsh ponds and Climbing trails stretch from Daisetsu-kogen Onsen,

which is just a single accommodation. Especially, scenes of the red leaves here are the most superb in Japan.

It is the place where I visit many times, too.

Hikers are required a mountain permission after taking a short lecture at the bear information center

since the area is inhabited by brown bears. The trail of getting around the ponds takes about four hours.


Access and Getting Around

No bus services are available except in the fall of red leaves season.

Because the road is closed, tourists must park cars in the parking lot called“Lakesite”,

or take a shuttle bus from Sounkyo via the “Lakeside” parking lot to Daisetsukogen-onsen.





高原温泉 大雪ダム 高原温泉大学沼 高原沼えぞ沼


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Accommodation around Mount Daisetu Area