Okinawa Memorial Park

Large-scale Marine Park:

Okinawa Ocean Expo ’75 was held in Motobu in Okinawa Prefecture 1975, and after the Expo the meeting site was built as a national park. The Okinawa Memorial Park was planned as a park appropriate for Okinawa under the theme of “the Sun and the Flower and the Sea”, and the aquarium was built as the facility which takes the part of the “sea”. The Chiraumi Aquarium has one of the world’s largest water tanks and is overwhelming in the scale. It is the best aquarium for the scale in Japan. The facilities such as “the tropical dream center” with 2000 orchids and tropical plants displayed and “the ocean culture building” which can teach the relation of the sea and the human beings are enjoyable. Besides the above ones, there are Okichan Theater, Sea Turtle House, Manatee House, an old village of Okinawa recreating the old village of Okinawa, Emerald Beach and a park needing a day to have a tour.

Access and Getting Around

By bus

2 hours 20 minutes from Naha Airport to the Park via Nago with 8 buses per day.

50 minutes from Nago with frequent bus services.

By car

1 hour 45 minutes from the center of Naha. 35 minutes from Nago.

Okinawa Memorial Park


Bise Promontory /Bise Village

-Sea View 

Bise Promontory is the Okinawa unique transparent beautiful sea among coral reefsat north neighboring cape of the Okinawa Memorial Park.This original natural beach is really precious while other beaches in Okinawa are mainly man-made.This snorkeling spot is little known to the people.Big trees of Fukugi (an evergreen broad-leaved tree native of the Philippines,suitable growing area to the northern...

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Accommodation around Okinawa Memorial Park