Town of the Music:

Okinawa City, Koza is adjacent to the US military base and there are many facilities of commercial and entertainment services for the American servicemen, which makes it unique town of combination of American cultures and Okinawa cultures. When the US base was established, the United States was the heyday of jazz, therefore, it was considered as a town of jazz and the music of a wide genre including rock music and Okinawa folk songs is played at a live house or a music festival now. It is a charming town for music lovers.


Access and Getting Around

By bus

Frequent bus services are available from the bus terminal of Naha, so it is convenient to get.

It takes about an hour.

By car

50 minutes from the center of Naha.



Peaceful Love Rock Festival


It is the biggest rock event in Okinawa, held for two days of the first Saturday and Sunday of July.It was first held in 1983, and then has been held continuously every year.The overwhelming and charming festival attracts various attendee including a new bandwho has just won an audition and an expert band, which makes people feel the summer power of Okinawa.It is held in the Koza Exercise Park....

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EISA Festival


EISA Festival is an event of traditional arts that young people dance with songs and musical accompaniedwhile dancing and parading around the town  in order to take the ancestral spirits coming and going in summer.There are such customs in various parts of Okinawa, but the festival has history especially in the around area of Koza.The biggest EISA Festival is held in the city center and the Koza E...

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The bullfighting of Okinawa is the entertainment of the common people inherited from the dynasty period.It is a bullfighting not between a bullfighter and a bull but between two bulls.Bullfighting is the culture of all over Okinawa, but the bullfighting held in Ishikawa multi-purpose Domein Uruma City next to Koza is the center of the bullfighting of Okinawa.The state that a human being fights wit...

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Accommodation around Koza