Kunisaki Peninsula

Meeting with a unique Buddha culture:

The Kunisaki Peninsula is located in the north-east of Oita Prefecture and a round-shaped old volcanic topography including Bungotakada City in the north, Kunisaki City in the west and Kitsuki City in the south. It is an area where a unique culture called Rokugomansan, which is the combination of Shinto and Buddha, has been formed since the ancient times. The scenes dotted with Buddha statues engraved on the rock face called images of Buddha inscribed on the polished cliff in many places of the mountainous area express the outlook ofthe Japanese religion and are the hometown in the Japanese heart.It may be one of the replies to what is the Japanese belief since the ancient times.


Access and Getting Around

The Kunisama Peninsula is far away from big cities, so it is difficult go round by public transportation, it is better to use a rental car or a taxi. The guidelines are in Japanese only. A bus tour course for one day is available to go round the well-known sightseeing spots. Trains are available at Usa Station in the north, Beppu Station in the south and Oita Airport.

By train

The nearest station is Usa Station. It takes 1 hour 35 minutes from Hakata Station by the JR Nippo Line with1 train per 40 to 50 minutes, 50minutes to Kokura station per 40 to 60 minutes and 30 minutes to Beppu Station per 40 to 60 minutes.

By bus

50 minutes from Oita Airport to Bungotakada City with 4 buses per day.

By plane

1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Ooita Airport with 14 flights per day; 1hour from Osaka Airport with 7 flights per day and other flights from Narita, Nagaya and Seoul.

By car

2 and a half hours from Hakata Station in Fukuoka to Bungotakada City,
1 hour from Beppu Station to Bungotakada City.

Regular sightseeing bus

8:50 leaves from Ooita Station⇒Beppu Station⇒Usa Station⇔Usajingu Shrine⇒Fukiji Temple⇒Makiodo⇒Kumano-magaibutsu⇒Ooita Airport⇔Beppu Station⇔Ooita Station arrive at 17:30、1service per day.

Kunisaki Peninsula



-Historic Sites  -Temples 

It is a Buddha Statue in cliffs and rocks located in the Kumanosan-taizoji Temple.There is a place 300 meters away from the Temple, where a legend is said that an ogre piled up the pave overnight.Climbing along the stone pave, tourists may see two huge Images of Buddha engraved on the cliff rocks.Two stone statues of Buddha have a slightly mysterious gentleness.Japanese statues of Buddha have mild...

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Fuki-ji Temple


It is a classic temple which is said to be built in the twelfth century and the oldest wooden architecture in Kyushu.The gate and frescos show the history, which makes it tasteful, elegant and feel calm.It is the symbolic temple on the Kunisaki Peninsula.In addition, the one-hour mini-Zen meditation , Zazen experience is possible here, too.Those who want to know about Zen meditation a little may e...

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Makiodo Temple


Makiodo Temple was once a big temple, but burned down 700 years ago.Now it is a small temple with a hall and a storage warehouse,but the face of the Buddha statue is so beautiful that it is worth seeing for those who like Buddha statues....

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Tennen-ji Temple


Tennen-ji Temple is famous for its Stone Statue dug to the rock for a wish of preventing floods.It is a beauty spot where strangely shaped rocks called Tennenjiyaba continue in the outskirts of the temple.The arched bridge of the stone in the mountain behind the temple is thrilling.It takes 40 minutes to climb up to the top and from there splendid views can be seen....

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-Historic Sites  -Specific Nature 

Tashinobusho is a precious village where the rural scene of more than 1300 years ago still remainand is designated as the World Agricultural Heritage site....

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Usa Shrine


Usa Shrine is located in Usa City of the Kunisaki Peninsula which is near Fukuoka Prefecture.It is one of the most important Hachimangu Shrines among 44000 shrines nationwide.It is a Shrine with a large site and unique characteristic....

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-Culture  -Recreational Facilities 

Showanomach is a shopping district located in the downtown of Bungotakada City,which has been shaped with the different shops of the 1950s.It is a suitable area knowing the figure of a certain vigor Japanese local city of the 1950s.400000 tourists come here every year to feel the Japanese nostalgia....

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Matama Shoreline

-Specific Nature 

Matama Shoreline is a well-known sunset spot for its location in the northwest of the Kunisaki Peninsula.Ashallow dry beach spreads far, the stripes of the beach together with setting sun makes a beautiful nightfallwhose beauty is hard to express in words.Such a relaxing time sitting on a dike, being blown by the sea breeze and looking at the setting suncan heal the fatigue of the journey....

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Accommodation around Kunisaki Peninsula