Merchants’ Culture and the riverside hot spring resorts:

Hita City is located in the west of Oita Prefecture and surrounded by mountains. Hita was the political, economic and cultural center in Kyushu in the Edo Era. The area of traditional merchants’ town through which the ancient prosperity can be observed still remain. In addition, it is famous for plenty of water, so Ukai or cormorant fishing is held on pleasure boats by Hita Onsen which is located along the river through the city. Enjoy the hot spring after walking around the downtown leisurely.

Access and Getting Around

Hita is close to Fukuoka City and accessible by train and bus. As it is a small town, it is enough to go round it by bicycle renting from the Information Center.
By train: 1 hour 15 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka bound for Beppu with 1 train per 2 hours; 2 hours from Beppu Station with 1 train per 2 hours.
By bus: 2 hours from Hakata Station in Fukuoka with 1 bus per 30 to 60 minutes;
1 hour 15 minutes from Fukuoka Airport with 1 bus per 40 minutes to 2 hours.
1 hour 20 minutes from Beppu Station with 5 buses per day.
By car: 1 hour 10 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka; 1 hour 30 minutes from Beppu Station.




-Historic Sites 

Mameta-machi near Hita Station is the area where the feature of the Edo Era is still left,so it is fun to walk along the lane where the white walls of the merchants’ houses, warehouses are lined.In particular, during the period of Hina Festival held from the middle of February to March,tourists may experience the Japanese traditional cultures, which is strongly recommended....

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Pleasure boats on the Mikuma River and Ukai

-Seasonal Attractions 

The Mikuma River flows across Hita City and is called the symbol of Hita.There are Hita hot-spring resorts along the river,tourists may enjoy dinner and Ukai or cormorant fishing in the pleasure boat,which is the characteristic of the hot-spring resort.Cormorant fishingis held from May to October. However,there are no pleasure boats for cormorant fishing only without staying at a hotel. ...

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Hita Gion Festival and Yamahoko Hall


The Gion Festival is held in Hita on the last Saturday and Sunday at the end of every July.The gorgeous Yamahoko goes round Mameta-machi and Kuma-machi opposite the station.The festival matches the environment of the town, which impresses tourists deeply.The Yamahoko Hall displays six Yamahokosto be used for the Gion Festival.Tourists are surprised in the financial power of the merchants of old Hi...

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Ontayaki-Village of Ceramic Art

-Culture  -Historic Sites 

Onta Firing is the traditional ceramic art of Hita area with 300 years of history,and ceramic making is still performed flourishingly in this area.The characteristic of the ceramic is its simplicity and beauty, and all processes are handmade.There are approximately ten ceramic-making workshops along a mountain stream,which is still the village of ceramics rather than a sightseeing spot....

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