Hometown of the ceramic ware:

Arita is a small town located in the west of Saga Prefecture and famous for its traditional arts of Arita Ware. It is an exciting experience to walk and see the pottery of porcelain here and there in the forest of mountain areas. The porcelain with a unique hue affected by Korea and China has the longest history in Japan. From the name of Imari which was once a seaport for the export of Arita Porcelain, the Imari Porcelain is well-known abroad. Some of Arita potteries teach visiters how to make, the tourists who are interested in Arita ware making may experience it.

Access and Getting Around

A shop of Arita station offers rental bicycles, riding a bicycle is enough just go round the town.

By train

1 hour 20 minutes from Hakata Station in Fukuoka by the JR Nagasaki Line with1 train per hour. 40 minutes from Saga Station with 1 train per hour.

By car

1 hour 20 minutes from Hakata Station, 40 minutes from Saga Station.



Kyushu Ceramic Museum


Visitors may enjoy the exhibition of Ceramic in Kyushu from the Seventeenth Century to the present,ceramic history of the world and so on, it is really a splendid museum.In particular Arita collection is the most attractive. Free of charge....

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Visiting Arita Potteries

-Culture  -Shops 

It is a visit course to Arita potteries here and there.Tourists will be moved by the traditional porcelain art which has been inherited for several generations.The traditional scene and atmosphere of the tasteful pottery are beautiful in the mountain villages.Kakiemon, Genemon, Imaemon offer experience courses, so it is good opportunity to know about Japanese traditional crafts and arts.Tourists c...

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Arita Tojikinosato Plaza


Arita Tojikinosato Plaza is a shopping mall where many ceramic ware shops are located.The ceramic market is opened, too. It is recommended to buy ceramic in a mass here....

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-Culture  -Shops 

It is the theme park of ceramics which is run by Fukagawa Porcelain who once offered up porcelains to the Imperial Family.Splendid ceramics, super-high quality of articles and ordinary items are shown and sold here.It is a little far as it is in the suburb....

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The dolls of the Arita Ware can be seen.It is the tourist information center and free of charge.                                                                                                             ...

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Sueyama Shrine


It is a small shrine, but the various buildings in it are made with grilled earthenware.What makes it unique is that trains cross the shrine.Because the shrine is on the hill, a roof o a chimney and the tile-roofing of the pottery, a mountain rangeis seen over city scape of Arita from the Shrine.                                                                                                       ...

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Accommodation around Arita


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