Nihon-ji Temple

A Great Temple:

The view of Tokyo Bay seen from the mountaintop of Mount Nokogiri-yama which is located on the Boso Peninsula of Chiba Prefecture next to Tokyo and looks like saw teeth is quite superb. It is a very large Yamadera , Mountain Temple with all south slopes from the summit of Mount Nokogiri-yama in its range, so it has full of highlights including Hyakushaku Kannon, the biggest Magaibutsu (Buddha Statue engraved on the rock cliff) in Japan, Daibutsu or Great Statue of Buddha, Sekibutsu (Stone Statue of Buddha) and Sengohyaku Rakan(1500 small statues of Buddha). An observatory called ‘Hell Peek’ is near the mountaintop which extends out the cliff and is thrilling. Though a ropeway is available, a light mountain climbing on foot is preferable. There is a Japanese tea house called Donkairo to the west of the Great Statue of Buddha, The climber’s fatigue of the stair walk is relaxed while drinking Japanese green tea in a tatami mat room. The Nihon-ji Temple is near from Tokyo by JR train, you may have a one-day tour and enjoy hiking.

Access and Getting Around

Ropeway Sancho Station⇔Hyakushaku-Kannon⇔Mountaintop Observatory⇔Great Statue of Buddha, a round tour takes one and a half hours to two hours. In addition, it is possible to get to the temple by car without taking a ropeway because there is a parking lot at the foot of the mountain.

By train

1 hour 45 minutes from Tokyo Station to Hamakanaya station by the JR Uchibou Line with 1 train per hour, a 8 minute walk to Nokogiri-yama Ropeway station .

By car

1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Nokogiri-yama Ropeway station or Sanroku Parking lot via Aqua-Line Highway.

Nihon-ji Temple


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