Nagatoro Ravine

Mountain stream activity:

Nagatoro Ravine is a ravine of the scenes of the upheaval bench of 6 km located in the upstream of the Sumida River flowing through the neighborhood of Asakusa of Tokyo. The layers of rock in particular are the beauty spots where the strangely-shaped rocks form a deep water with large-scale crustal movements as its reason. Various outdoor sports using the flow of the ravine are pleasant, and rafting, a Japanese style ship with a guide in it, goes down the fast flowing stream, which is the local specialty. Pick-up buses leave and arrive on time. Besides it, other entertainments using rafts and canoes as a river tour are available too.



Access and Getting Around

Nagatoro is located in the west of Saitama Prefecture connected to the north of Tokyo, so it is convenient to get by JR train or private train. The nearest station is Nagatoro Station of the Chichibu Line.

By train

1 hour 15 minutes from Tokyo Station to Kumagaya Station by the JR Takasaki Line  with 1 train per 30 minutes, transfer a train to Nagatoro Station by the Chichibu Line for 45 minutes, 1 train per 30 minutes; 1 hour 30 minutes from tobu Ikebukuro Station of Tokyo to Yorii Station with 1 train hour, transfer a train to Nagatoro Station by the Chichibu Line for 15 minutes, 1 train per 30 minutes.
It takes 5 minutes from Nagatoro Station to Nagatoro Ravine.

By car

1 hour 45 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Nagatoro Ravine


Hodosan Shrine


Mount Hodosan means a mountain of treasure in Japanese, it is full of worshipers for divine favor.In addition, Okumiya in Hodasan Shrine, on the mountaintop, is a park where flowers in four seasons can be enjoyed,it is easy to get to the mountaintop from the foot by ropeway....

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