Manazuru Peninsula

The nearest coast beauty from Tokyo:

Manazuru is a small peninsula located in the Sagami Bay to the west of Tokyo. On the shore, a quay spreads out and a primitive forest is still there. The southernmost part of Manazuru Cape is a tourist spot called Mitsu-ishi, which is easy to get by the JR Tokaido Line. There are few people other than sea bathing on it in summer, it is little-known and its nature remain undeveloped. A hiking trail is prepared in the forest and along the shoreline for a pleasant hiking. Because Manazuru is a town of the fishery, it provides abundant fresh marine products, and there are dining rooms in the fishing port. Pleasure boats are available.

Access and Getting Around

In case of using JR Line, take a Tokaido Shinkansen train at Tokyo Station, transfer a Tokaido Line train at Odawara Station, you may choose according to your time and fares. It is also accessible to take a Odakyu Line train at Shinjuku Station of Tokyo.

By train

Tokyo Station―(the Tokaido Shinkansen)40 minutes―Odawara Station―(the Tokaido Line)13 minutes―Manazuru Station.
Tokyo Station―(the Tokaido Line)1hour 45 minutes-Namazuru Station. Shinjuku Station of the Odakyu Line(limited express train)70 minutes―Odawara Station―(the Tokaido Line)13 minutes.

By car

1 hour 50 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Manazuru Peninsula


Manazuru Hiking trail

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Manazuru is a small peninsula, so if you take enough time, it is good to hike from JR Manazuru Station,or choose a hiking trail walking combined with a loop bus....

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