Kusatsu Onsen

Field of hot water in the middle of hot spring resort:

Kusatsu is a representative hot spring resort in East Japan which was once the biggest hot spring village in Japan in the Edo period. The center of the hot spring resort of Kusatsu called “Yubatake” the hot water field becomes the rotary, and, as for the scene that hot water of the source springs out in large quantities there, it is unusual nationwide, and it is the symbol of Kusatsu. Hotels surrounding this hot water field form a big hot spring resort. Because the temperature of the hot water is 50-90 degrees centigrade, Yumomi is held. Yumomi is a traditional hot spring culture of Kusatsu, people stir the hot water with large wooden boards while singing, during which the temperature of water becomes lower. There are stopover bathhouses too.

Access and Getting Around

Two routes from Tokyo. One route is via Takasaki, the other is via Karuizawa of Nagano Prefecture. Times and fees are different according to the routes, but a direct bus takes the least money. A bus is included in any routes of taking a JR train, the most efficient way is to take a limited express train at Ueno Station, Tokyo. If you choose a route via Karuizawa, it is better to have a tour at Onioshidashi and so on, not just go there directly.

By train

Starting from Ueno Station for Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station by limited express train with two or three trains per day; Starting from Tokyo Station for Naganohara-Kusatsuguchi Station by the Shinkansen or the Takasaki Line, transfer a bus to Kusatsu Onsen for 30 minutes with 1 bus hour;
From Tokyo Station to Karuizawa by the Hokuriku Shinkansen train with1 train per hour.
From Karuizawa Station to Kusatu Onsen for 2 hours by bus with1 bus per hour;

By bus

4 hours 10 minutes from Shinjuku Station, Tokyo to Kusatsu Onsen via Ikaho Onsen with 1 bus per hour.

By car

3 hours 10 minutes from Tokyo Station via Takasaki; 3 hours from Tokyo via Karuizawa. In addition, the national road of the mountainous area to  Shiga-kogen Highland  in Nagano and Yudanaka Onsen across the mountain pass from Kusatsu Onsen is available, it is possible to have a round tour by car. However, the road is closed to the traffic from the middle of November to the middle of April.

Kusatsu Onsen



-Onsen(Hot Spings) 

The west side of the hot spring resort is the source of water welling up in the desert zone,the district is now the "West Riverbank Park"and a walking trail is maintained, which is used to observe the state of hot spring gushing out.There is a huge commonly-used outdoor bath, local specialty of Kusatsu.It is a really huge outdoor bath! Yet, beware of not staying in it for too long because the spri...

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Mount Kusatsu Shirane

-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a volcano of 2160 meters located in the border with Nagano Prefecture with a beautiful crater lake on the mountaintop.Many different hiking trails around the mountain area are available,and a large number of alpine trees make hikers pleasant.Yet, the hiking is now prohibited by the volcanic activity....

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