The first capital of the Japanese Government:

Nara was the capital when a rule nation was founded for the first time in Japan in 710. Including Todai-ji Temple which is famous for its great statue of Buddha, there are many historic temples and building in the town, so the town itself seems to be the place of the national treasures. You can have a one-day tour in the town from Kyoto or Osaka, but it is better to stay a night and to see the temples, shrines leisurely.


The autumn colors are now at their best.



Access and Getting Around

Nara City is the central city of Nara Prefecture, so it is really convenient to get from other cities of Kansai. It is easy to go round by JR train or private train from Osaka and Kyoto. In addition, a tour bus called ‘Gurutto Bus’ is available.

By train

50 minutes from Osaka to JR Nara Station by the JR Kansai Line with many train services per day.
45 minutes from Kyoto to JR Nara Station by the JR Nara Line with many train services per day.
35 minutes from Namba Station of Osaka to Kintetsu Nara Station by the Kinetetsu Line with many train services per day.
40 minutes from Kyoto to Kintetsu Nara Station by the Kintetsu Line with many train services per day.



Todai-ji Temple


Todai-ji Temple is the symbol of Nara,where there is the Hall of Daibutsu or the Great Buddha of the world biggest wooden construction,Hokke-do with wonderful sculpture group and Nigatsu-do Hall which is famous for the festivalthat the Buddhist priest with a big torch is displayed on the temple.The huge Hall of the Great Buddha where the technique of the ancient Japanese building was used is the b...

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-Historic Sites 

Shosoin was the warehouse of Todai-ji Temple.It is one of the important constructions along with Todai-ji Temple in Narawith its square log architecture that was prevalent at that time....

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Kasuga Taisha Shrine


Kasuga Taisha is a shrine founded in 768 in hope of the prosperity of the capital.The conspicuously outstanding shrine painted in red and the garden lanterns in the corridorare really beautiful.A naturally primitive forest is left in the rear....

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Nara Park

-Specific Nature 

It is a symbolic park of Nara, where the scene that wild deer graze grassin the central park of the town can only be seen in Japan....

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Kofuku-ji Temple


It was a temple of Fujiwara Family who had strong powers from the ancient times to the Middle Ages,the five-storied Pagoda of 50 meters high is so excellent among the Japanese templesthat you will be overwhelmed if you look up nearby.In addition, be sure to have a look at the statues of Buddha in the National Treasure Museum.You will be surprised at their expressiveness....

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Toshodai-ji Temple


It is a temple which was built by the Chinese priest, Ganjin who came to Japan in the Nara period.Kondo or the main hall  has never been damaged by disasters since the Nara period and in ityou can see a statue of Buddha called Senju Kannon who has 1000 hands.The temple is a little to the west of Nara downtown....

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Yakushi-ji Temple


Yakushi-ji Temple is near Toshodai-ji Temple and it is well known for the Triple Tower a beautiful national treasure,but it is not allowed to visit because of restoration construction....

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Isuien Garden

-Historic Sites 

Although it is near Todai-ji Temple, it is another world inside.There are two beautiful gardens built in the Edo period and Meiji period respectively.There is a restaurant too....

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