Horyu-ji Temple

The oldest wooden construction in the world:

Horyu-ji Temple is in southern Ikaruga of Nara, and the oldest nation of Japan was nearby from here where there are many buildings and historical spot of that time remaining. Horyu-ji Temple is the existing world’s oldest wooden construction built  Emperess Suiko and Prince Shotoku who governed the country first in Japan in 607.It is not gorgeous at all, but it is the temple where the thought for the Japanese beauty to assume stillness and presence of mind the best than attracting attention is felt. It is also the World Heritage.


Access and Getting Around

Horyu-ji Temple Center: It is the Information Center of Horyu-ji Temple. It offers free tour guidebooks in English, Chinese and French. It offers rental bicycles two. Get the information first on arriving at Horyu-ji Temple. The outskirts are beautiful countryside. Using a rental bicycle is recommended.

Getting is convenient because of JR Horyu-ji Station. It takes 20 minutes to walk from Horyu-ji Station to Horyu-ji Temple, a bus is also available.

By train

13 minutes from Nara Station to Horyu-ji Station by JR Kansai Line with many train services.
30 minutes from Osaka to Horyu-ji Station by the JR Kansai Line with many train services.

By car

40 minutes from Nara Station.

Horyu-ji Temple


Chugu-ji Temple


One of the best sculptures of the statue of Buddha in the world is near the main hall.The smile of Mona Lisa is famous, but the mysterious smile of this Buddha statue attracts people too.Do not skip this it because it is in the Horyu-ji Temple site....

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Hoki-ji Temple ,Horin-ji Temple


There was a triple tower in the Hoki-ji Temple which was valued the same as the one in Horyu-ji Temple.The triple tower of Horin-ji Temple disappeared because of a thunderbolt,but the beauty of the rural scenery around these two temples is so tasteful that tourists forget time.Tourists are hoped to explore the beautiful scenery of the rural district here....

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Kichiden-ji Temple


KIchiden-ji is a small temple among the bamboo forest, but is the temple which is popularas a legend to be able to reach death without any pains, without getting sick....

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Fujinoki Tumulus

-Historic Sites 

It is a tumulus which has become the topic as tumulus discovered without non-illegal dig....

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Cityscape of Tatsuta

-Historic Sites 

Tatsuta is the town where there are the historical old houses along the street which appeared in the ancient words.Tatsuta Shrine is in the central part....

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Ikaruga Cycling

-Outdoor Activities 

It is a 10- km long trail to go around the temple groups, various size of ponds,rural scenery of flowers,old cityscape, which is the local highlight....

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Accommodation around Horyu-ji Temple


Ikaruga Tourism Association

Nara visitors Bureau