The ultimate of the snowy district beauty:

Shirakawa-go is the village famous for the architecture with principal ridgepole in the heavy snowfall area in Japan in the north of Takayama, and it is registered to the World Heritage. The architecture with principal ridgepole is a house having the hatched roof of the chevron of the sharp slope, and Shirakawa-go is the precious village where the structure of the houses remains by now.The houses of three or four levels of roofs were used as a silkworm raising room because sericulture business was prosperous. It is the World Heritage so it is crowded with the tourists from all over the world in the daytime, but if you stay at a private lodging facility of the architecture with principal ridgepole a night, you may enjoy walking in the stillness in the morning and evening.


Access and Getting Around

Shirakawa-go is possible to have a one-day tour from Takayama to Shirakawa-go by bus, but staying a night is recommended.

A tour bus around inheritances starts from Kanazawa Station in Hokuriku region.

By train and bus

2 hours 50 minutes from Tokyo to Kanazawa by the Hokuriku Shinkansen with 1 train per 30 minutes, then to Shirakawa-go by bus for 1 hour 15 minutes with 8 buses per day.

By bus

50 minutes from Takayama to Shirakawa-go with 11 buses per day;

1 hour 15 minutes from Kanazawa Station with 8 buses per day;

2 hours 50 minutes from Nagoya Station with 2 buses per day.



Myozen-ji Temple


Myozen-ji Temple is a temple founded in 1748, and the roof all thatched temple is rare in Japan.Among them, five-storied Kuri (kitchen of the temple) built about 200 years ago of the Edo periodis the biggest a rafter roof building,where old agricultural machinery and daily articles are displayed....

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Shirakawa-hachiman Shrine


Shirakawahachiman is a small shrine in the deepest part of the Shirakawa-goand is where the Doburoku Festival is held in the middle of October( every October 14–15).There is a museum, too, and exhibits of the festival are displayed.Doburoku is a kind of raw sake,a liquor from fermented rice.At the festival, Doburoku is given to God in hope of peace....

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Wada House

-Historic Sites 

Wada House is the biggest rafter roof private house in Shirakawa-go.It is completely different from the buildings of the modern cities in Japan....

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Ogimachi-joato Observatory

-Historic Sites 

It is the old castle site located on the high spot,so superb view of Shirakawa-go can be seen on it.The beauty of the daytime in winter and of the morning mist in the villageis hard to express in words....

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Toyama’s Museum of  Folklore

-Historic Sites 

It is a representative rafter roof house built about 200 years ago.The food, clothing and shelter of that time are displayed....

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Accommodation around Shirakawa-go


Shirakawa village

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