Shiga- Kogen

The hot spring for monkeys and the treasure spot of outdoor sports:

Shiga-kogen is a highland that offers hot springs, skiing, hiking and other activities, and Yaenkoen where monkeys have a bath is particularly loved by the people of the world. In addition, it is possible to visit the Kusatsu Onsen of Gunma Prefecture across the prefectural border because it is a sightseeing spot. However, the road is closed to the traffic for Gunma Prefecture in winter.



Access and Getting Around

The base of Shiga-kogen(Shiga Highland) is Yudanaka Onsen Hot spring resort .The Nagano Dentetsu Line operates from Nagano city to Yudanaka Onsen, transfer to a bus for Shibu Onsen. Because Shiga-kogen is a popular area, bus services make it comparatively convenient.

By train

45~1 hour10 minutes from Nagano Station with 1train per hour .

By Bus

7 minutes from Yudanaka Station to Shibu Onsen of Yudanaka with 9 buses per day.

By car

From Nagano Station, 32km, one hour.

Shiga- Kogen


Shiga-kogen  Hiking

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Outdoor Activities 

Shiga-kogen is surrounded by mountains of 2000 meters above sea level,and there are more than 70 lakes and ponds, which makes a highland resort full of entertainment.Many trails are available depending on a level from mini-trekking to be able to enjoy willingly in Shiga-kogento the mountain climbing courses for good walkers.Some representative trails are introduced.But it is necessary to beware of...

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Shiga-kogen Ski Area

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Outdoor Activities 

Shiga-kogen has a large number of slopes, the most ski resorts in Japan.Because the nature of the snow is that of the highest area of Japan,its powder snow is a feature of the ski slopes. Main ski fields are introduced here. Ichinose Ski ResortIt is a wide ski field with family slopes in the central area of  Shiga-kogen.Yakebiyama Ski ResortIt is in the deepest area where anyone can enjoy in ...

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Snow Monkeys

-Onsen(Hot Spings)  -Specific Nature 

Jigokudani-yaenkoen is a monkey park used to protect and observe wild monkeys.The humorous figure that monkeys soak in hot springs in winter really attracts tourists.The neighborhood is a mountainous hot spring zone,and there are a lot of hot-spring hotels in Yudanaka Onsen, Shibu Onsen....

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Accommodation around Shiga- Kogen


Yamanouchi Town Tourism Association

Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association