The scenery that temples exist:

Nagano is the capital city of Nagano Prefecture. The city has historical temple “Zenko-ji” and it has grown as a Teramachi (area formed with many temples). Around the Zenko-ji temple, there are historic architectures, hot springs, and ski resorts. The city is a major tourist district of northern Nagano prefecture.

Access and Getting Around

All of the Hokuriku Shinkansen trains stop at Nagano station, and there are many highways to use in getting there and around. Access in and around Nagano district is capable by public transportation. It is very convenient.

By train

1 hour 30 minutes from Tokyo Station by the Hokuriku Shinkansen with many trains.

By car

3 hours 15 minutes from Tokyo station.



Zenko-ji Temple


Zenko-ji Temple has a history of about 1400 years. Everyone in Japan loved this temple.In the Edo period, people said, ”must visit Zenko-ji temple once in a life time”It has many tourists that worship now.The main hall is designated as a national treasureand built in the traditional Japanese style of architecture in the Edo period....

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Togakushi Shrine


Togakushi Shrine is located at the base of Mount Togakushi and can be reached in 1 hour from Nagano city by bus.The 2 km beautiful cedar line reaches to the upper shrine.It has a good cozy atmosphere for visitors.There are many original soba noodles restaurants around this area, which is well- known for Soba culture....

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Togakushi Forest Botanical Park

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

It is a forest park close to the Togakushi Shrine,it is a nature paradise that can be enjoyed with gardens around forest.It has attractive gardens such as “Fir trees garden”, ”Skunk cabbage garden” and “Botanical garden” along trail .Togakushi is also one of well-known bird sanctuary in Japan because you can watch many remarkable birds....

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Togakushi Ninpo Museum

-Culture  -Recreational Facilities 

Togakushi is also known for a former Ninja village.This museum exhibits various items related to Ninja.It is in the restored grain house in Edo period. It is in front of Okusha hall of Togakishi Shrine.There is also the attraction, the Ninja trick house.Both adults and kids can enjoy Ninja attractions and activities....

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Matsushiro Town

-Historic Sites 

Matsushiro Town has preserved its ancient historical buildings.It is located in the south of Nagano city, and can be reached in 30 min by bus.There are many sights to see such as the remains of a castle,  Samurai residences, an old school,a treasure museum and Japan`s underground military base during the world warⅡ.It is very attractive small town....

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Anzunosato(Apricot Village)

-Specific Nature 

Anzunosato is located in Chikuma City which is in south from Nagano city.In April, all of apricot orchards are covered with lovely pink flowers in that small village.This reminds the Japanese of scenes from old times.It is fun to visit due to difference from the cherry blossom.The Apricot Festival is held each year during the first two weeks of April....

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Ubasute Rice Terraces

-Specific Nature 

" Ubasute or Obasute” was an old practice of food shortage, of leaving the elderly people on a mountain to die.Locations named “Ubasute or Obasute ” remains in this district, as a legend to pass down the history of the folklore.The Ubasute Rice Terraces consist of 1500 of small fields, it makes a nostalgic scenery.Although you can see the rice terraces from JR Ubasute Station, there is a walking t...

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