Mount Yatsugadake Area

Big mass of volcanoes:

It is a big mass of volcanoes at the prefectural border of Nagano and Yamanashi Prefecture with 30 mountains connecting one another. Climbing and hiking are popular here, furthermore, the halfway of the plateau is used as a summer resort of Tokyo. It offers not only lodging facilities but also various facilities used for plateau.


The autumn colors are now at their best .



Access and Getting Around

It is a very mountain area, and the access way is different form Yamanashi and from Nagano, but as for the train, the JR Chuo Line is available, while Chuo Expressway is the access route in case of using a car. In addition, it is possible to get from Komoro.

Mount Yatsugadake Area



-Mountain View 

Kiyosato-kogen is the biggest resort of Mount Yatsugatake located at the southern foot of the highlandin the Mountain Yatsugadake area.As a summer resort with many accommodations and restaurants in the highland area,there are many dude ranch activities here and there....

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Mishakaike Pond

-Specific Nature 

Mishakaike Pond  is a reservoir for the use of agriculture near Okutateshina hot spring village.It is well known for the model of the picture of a Japanese painter  Higashiyama Kaii who is famous worldwide.This is not very big for its use of agriculture, but it is surrounded in green and relatively few tourists visit it,so it is very quiet.The period of red leaves is the most attractive in Mishaka...

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Kitayatsugatake Ropeway

-Mountain View  -Outdoor Activities 

It is located at the north end of Mount Yatsugatake,the Alpine view seen from the mountaintop station of 2237 meters above sea level is perfectly magnificent.In the Tsuboniwa Nature Garden on the mountaintop,the scene that shrubs cover the lava plateau and the nature that alpine plants grow in colonies is splendid.There is a trail for approximately 30 minutes one round.It is the skiing area in win...

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Yokoya Ravine

-Specific Nature  -Outdoor Activities 

Yokoya Ravine is popular as a spot of colored leaves in the ravine where the bedrock of the mountain streamand small waterfalls continue to extend,but there is a waterfall along the trail, and the walk in winter is good because water freezes in winter,which makes an interesting scene.It is lighted up as icefall group of the Crystal Festival in winter. ...

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Venus Line

-Mountain View 

It is a well-known mountainous driving route of 75 km from Chino City to Matsumoto City,which passes the flower garden of the plateau with the great mountain as its back.Tourists can enjoy various sceneries such as a quiet plateau, alpine plants and marshlands.Enjoying flowers is in the period from June to September,while seeing red leaves is from the beginning of October to the middle of October....

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Accommodation around Mount Yatsugadake Area


Hokuto Tourism Association

Yamanashi Tourism Organization

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Nagano Prefecture Tourism Association